Applications of Linear Systems


1.  A coin bank contains 30 coins in dimes and nickels.  Their combined value is $2.10.  How many coins of each kind are there?


2.  The sum of 2 numbers is 52.  Twice the first number is 17 more than the second.  Find the numbers.


3.  A particular soccer field has a perimeter of 320 yards.  Its length measures 40 yards more than its width.  What are the dimensions of this field?


4.  Two hockey tickets and one basketball ticket cost $110.40.  One hockey ticket and two basketball tickets cost $106.32.  What is the price of each ticket?


5.  How many ounces of a 5% hydrochloric acid and of 20% hydrochloric acid must be combined to get 10 ounces of solution that is 12.5% hydrochloric acid?


6.  An investor must invest a total of $15,000.00 in two accounts; one paying 4% annual simple interest, and the other 3%.  He wants to earn $550.00 annual interest.  How much should he invest at each rate?


7.  The measure of the largest angle of a triangle is 12 degrees less than the sum of the measures of the other two.  The smallest angle measures 58 degrees less than the largest.  Find the measures of the angles.


8.  Thelma cashed a check for $880.00 at her bank.  She received $20-bills and $10-bills.  There were eight fewer $10-bills than $20-bills.  How many bills of each type did she receive?